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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy for accident pain

Physical therapy is involved in the care and well being of patients injured from auto accidents, slip and falls, sport injuries, and work related injuries. Therefore the challenging task of finding ways to manage symptomatic pain can often be troublesome and even difficult. Because of this it is common for patients to come to us after standard methods of acute, subacute, and chronic pain treatment.

As a result we offer other approaches to diagnosis and treatment that are often welcomed solutions, as they save on recovery time, expense and trauma to the body. We are also determined to help our patients achieve a sense of physical and emotional well being.

Physical therapy

5 main categories of physical therapy for injury management:

  • acute care – assessment and diagnosis of the initial injury;
  • treatment – especially relevant is the use of specialist advice and therapies to promote healing;
  • rehabilitation – and then progressive management for full return to pre-injury status;
  • prevention – identification and address of deficiencies known to directly result in, or act as precursors to injury, such as movement assessment.
  • education – therefore sharing of specialist knowledge to individual patients assist in prevention or management of injury.

We offer a variety of treatments for you injuries:

Our clinic provides a well-rounded offering of Chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, in-office therapy exercises, mechanical traction, and home therapy regimens. We use every available option to return our patients to maximum health and comfort as quickly as possible. We have experienced and well trained staff that offer treatments for a variety of injuries. Some of these include neck and back pain, hip pain, headaches, disc injuries, pain in shoulders, and more. After a thorough evaluation by our physician we will design a treatment plan specific to your injury.

Physical therapy treatment in Miami Lakes:

Treatment with physical therapy is also offered to our neighboring cities of DoralHialeahHialeah Gardens, and Miami.

Our clinics goal is to provide our patients with an exceptional experience from the moment they walk through our doors. We strive to provide premier services and outstanding customer service which sets us apart from our competitors. Our clinic also provides transportation to our office for all auto accident rehabilitation. Call today for an evaluation of your accident pain injuries at 305-570-1965 or use our online booking request form below.