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Accident pain? Let Chiropractic help you on the road to recovery

Dr. Michael White, Chiropractic Physician, has over 17 years of clinical experience working with a variety of musculoskeletal injuries. At Chiropractic and Rehabilitation of Miami Lakes we provide treatment for auto accident rehabilitation, slip and fall injuries, wellness care, pediatric care, as well as sport injuries. If you are interested in scheduling a chiropractic evaluation and treatment, contact our office for a same day appointment.
Chiropractic Care in Miami Lakes
Chiropractic Care in Miami Lakes

Chiropractic care and massage treatment packages

Car Accident Pain Treatment

Quiropráctico De Accidentes en Miami Lakes

Accident Injury Chiropractor

Chiropractic Care and Massage therapy in Miami Lakes

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Conditions treated:

Auto accident rehabilitation in Miami Lakes

Neglected auto accident pain can linger for a very long time if not treated. Auto accident injuries can actually be life changing and lead to loads of stress. Accident pain may alter our abilities to work full days, perform our daily tasks, but also prevent you from living a healthy and pain free lifestyle. However there is a solution to recovering from your auto accident injuries. Our clinic is a highly trained and experienced working with patients affected from auto accident injuries. Some of the most common injuries being whiplash pain, neck and back pain, headaches, and shoulder injuries.

The most traumatic and long term injuries usually occur due to auto accidents. With over 17 years of clinical experience, our Chiropractor with guide you back on the road to health. Our clinic offers treatments options that include Chiropractic care, Massage therapy, Physiotherapy, Physical therapy, and Mechanical traction. Click here to learn more. 

Chiropractic Care for Auto accident pain

Chiropractic adjustments in Miami Lakes

The biggest factor that sets Chiropractic physicians apart from medical doctors are the Chiropractic adjustment. The Chiropractic adjustment corrects vertebral misalignments and removes nerve impingements, also known as “subluxations“. Spinal misalignments may occur when a strong force is placed into the body after a trauma. These subluxations may occur for even the smallest of traumas to the body. Although the larger the trauma to the body the higher the chances a subluxation may occur. 

These misalignments may cause symptoms such as headaches and pain to certain regions of the body. Severe misalignments may cause radiating pain that may travel to the arms or legs such as burning, numbness, and tingling sensations. Tests such as X-rays, range of motion, and muscle palpation to the spine are a few tools to locate and identify subluxations within the body. The Chiropractic adjustment allows for the removal of any nerve compression and allows the nervous system to function at its 100% given potential.