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The cornerstone of chiropractic health treatment is spinal manipulation, often called the “adjustment”. It may involve either gentle pressure, or a quick thrust to restore normal motion to joints that have become restricted or “locked”. While manipulation may be performed by other physicians, Doctors of Chiropractic have the most extensive experience and education in manipulation, performing 94% of the spinal manipulations in the United States. Numerous scientific studies have proven the efficacy, safety,cost-effectiveness and high levels of patient satisfaction of spinal manipulation. As a result, it is one of only two treatment protocols given the highest recommendation for the treatment of low back pain by the Agency for Health Care and Policy Research (AHCPR), an arm of the US Department of Health and Human Services. For more information about spinal manipulation.

Although most patients receive traditional manual (“hands-on”) adjustments, we also offer “low force” adjustments, preformed with a highly advanced instrument. Some patients are familiar with these instrument adjustment techniques, which are often referred to as “activator”, “pro-adjustor”, or “impulse adjusting”. These low-force adjustments are extremely gentle and precise. Experience has shown us that instrument adjusting can be especially effective when used in combination with manual adjusting. In other instances, instrument adjusting may be used as an alternative to manual adjusting. As with all of our treatment options, the doctor will be happy to discuss with you which adjusting techniques would be best for your particular condition.

The challenging task of finding ways to manage symptomatic pain can often be troublesome and even unsatisfactory. It is common for patients to come to us after enduring traditional methods of chronic pain.

We offer alternative approaches to diagnosis and treatment that are often welcome solutions, as they save on recovery time, expense and trauma to the body. We are also determined to help our patients achieve a sense of physical and emotional well being.

Chiropractic and Rehabilitation of South Florida exists for one purpose: to relieve your pain and allow you to live as active and healthy a life as possible.

Our patient care utilizes a well-rounded offering of Chiropractic care, physical therapy, joint supports, orthopedic corrective devices, in-office rehabilitative exercises and home therapy regimens. We use every available option to return our patients to maximum health and comfort as quickly as possible. At our Chiropractic and Rehabilitation of South Florida offices we offer a conservative approach to help manage and rid your pain. We have an experienced and well trained staff in each of our locations that offer treatments that include neck and back pain, hip pain, headaches, carpal tunnel, sciatica, scoliosis, stress, shoulder pain, arms, elbows, wrists, hands and pain in legs, knees, ankles, and feet. Incorporated into your treatment plan will be physical therapy, massage therapy, therapeutic exercises, nutrition and lifestyle counseling as well as addressing issues with work place ergonomics and postural modifications. We also offer a variety of services to assist in:

All Physical Therapy Needs
Ankle and Foot Pain, including fallen arches, plantar fasciitis
Asthma and Allergies
Auto Accident Pain 
Back Pain
Car Accident Injuries
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Core Strengthening
Disc Issues
Headaches and Migraines
Hip Pain
Knee, arm, ankle, and elbow pain
Migraine Headaches
Neck Pain
Numbness and tingling in arms and legs
Numbness and tingling in extremities
Nutrition and Wellness
Post-surgical rehabilitation
Rotator Cuff Tendonitis and Shoulder Pain
Sciatica and Pinched Nerves
Slipped Discs
Sports Injuries, including sprains, strains and hyper-extensions
Tension Headaches

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