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Car accident pain

Car accident pain treatment

Our Chiropractors offer car accident pain treatment to help get you back to a healthy and pain-free lifestyle. Our goal is to reduce your auto accident injury pain and heal you in the shortest time possible. First of all, when an accident occurs you should call 911 and report it to a local police officer. For legal issues it is important to have the proper documentation from the accident. The more paperwork you can provide the better. It’s also crucial to report the car accident to your auto insurance carrier. As a result of reporting your accident to your auto insurance a claim number will be given for your individual case. Most of your auto accident pain treatment may be covered by your car insurance carrier. If you have any questions on the process we are here to assist you in any way.

Car accident pain treatment in south Florida - 11 clinics to choose from

The next step is to contact us at 855-954-2273 to schedule with us at one of our auto accident injury Chiropractors. Our 11 offices are within Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach county. We have clinics located within Kendall, Miami Gardens, Miami Lakes, Flagler Miami, Margate, Hollywood, Pompano Beach, Plantation, Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, and Lake Worth to help serve you. We also provide services to patients in the cities near Hialeah, Pembroke Pines, Sunrise, Aventura, North Miami Beach, Boca Raton and Coral Springs. Car accidents can be very stressful especially after the loss of your vehicle. For this reason we offer our patients transportation to our clinics to allow them to treat for their accident injury.

Medical professionals available to help resolve your accident pain:

• Chiropractors

• Medical doctors

• Pain Management doctors

• Orthopedic Specialists

• Licensed Massage therapists

• Physical therapists

We offer MRI testing for better results

Disc injuries may occur from acute trauma such as a car accident injury. They may also injure slowly over time by poor posture, lifting incorrectly, or the loss of normal spinal function (joint restrictions, misalignment’s, subluxations). Whatever the cause, disc injuries often respond well to chiropractic care. Before treatment begins, a thorough examination including orthopedic and neurologic testing are necessary to help diagnose a disc injury. If unable to determine the an exact injury a prescription for X-rays or MRI studies will then allow our doctors to correctly diagnose the car accident disc injury. A treatment plan will then be developed for the individual. Spinal adjustments of the spine and extremity joints are effective in restoring normal position and function to the joints. They may also help improve the function of the surrounding muscles and nerves. This most often leads to a decrease in pain and faster recovery.

Car accident injury attorney referral

We know how stressful accidents can be and do all this is possible to smooth the road to your recovery. Therefore, If you have any questions or concerns with your injuries we would be glad to hear from you. If you are in the need of legal advice we can provide you with on your request. We work with car accident injury attorneys throughout south Florida who may help guide you through the tough legal process. Attorneys may also assist in working with your insurance company to help repair your damaged car. Therefore, If you would like an attorney simply call us so we can refer you to several. Retaining an experienced attorney is an important step in the car accident process. They can guide you throughout the legal process as well as assist in the repairs of your motor vehicle. We network with many attorneys that practice personal injury that would be glad to speak with you.

car accident pain treatment and personal injury attorney referrals

Car accident pain treatment in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach county:

• For car accident pain treatment in Dade county we provide Chiropractic services to the cities of Kendall, Miami Gardens, Miami, Miami Lakes

• We also provide car accident pain treatment in Broward county for the cities of Plantation, Hollywood, Margate, and Pompano Beach

• In Palm Beach county we provide car accident pain treatment to the cities of West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, and Lake Worth

Our goal at Chiropractic and Rehabilitation of South Florida is to provide our patients with outstanding service and amazing experience. We want to satisfy your needs from the beginning to end of the car accident injury rehab process. Any questions or concerns about your injuries can be answered immediately when you call us. So if you have questions about your accident, injuries, or legal questions contact us and we will find the solution. Contact our auto accident pain treatment clinics to schedule an appointment for your injury today at 855-954-2273.